How To Design Mosaic Tiles Table Tops

How to Use Ceramic Tiles to Create and Design a Mosaic Tile Table Top. If you have an old table you do not like why not turn it into something beautiful by creating a mosaic design on the top. It is easy to do and I show you how in this article.

Mosaic Tiles Table Tops

A New Table Top with Ceramic Tiles

Here are my step by step instructions to create a unique Mosaic Tile Design for an old table top.

Step 1: Preparing the table

  • Paint the legs of the table whatever colour you want.
  • Also paint any sides that will not be covered with the mosaic
  • Leave to dry completely, preferably at least twenty four hours
  • Clean the table top thoroughly and make sure it is dry and even

Where to Buy and Source the Ceramic Tiles

  • They are too expensive to buy in groups of five or six and you would not need so many of the same design or colour.
  • You can buy tiles from stores that have some odd ones over. These are usually put aside in a sale box so are much cheaper and sold individually.
  • Some shops have samples on display that they either sell cheaply or give away.
  • You can let your family and friends know what you plan to do and ask them have they any left over tiles in their garage or attic.
  • Car boot and garage sales are a great place to buy cheap tiles from.
  • An important rule is to make sure all the tiles you get are the same depth.
  • This is needed so that the table has a level surface when finished.
  • The colour, shape and design can be different.

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