Floor Tiles Just for You

Floor TilesLooking for the perfect floor tiles that will suit your taste and specification? It’s not an easy job – but a lot easier than it used to be. Now, because of developments in technology, choosing the best floor tile is a pleasurable and fun job. The tile industry has  innovated different kinds of floor tiles to reflect the demands of a burgeoning market. Keep reading as we take a look at the various types of floor tiles. Happy shopping!

Some people definitely believe that the “floor tiles say it all”. Thus, choosing the right tile is the way to make an impression that will set you apart from your neighbours.. Floor tiling is not an straightforward job but we will try to make it easier for you through this article. Be sure to pay attention to the important details of each type of floor tile so you can better decide and choose what to install in your home.

As we already know, floor tiles are commonly made of ceramic or stone. Recent technological advances, however, have produced rubber or glass tiles for floors. The following list includes the most popular floor tiles you can choose from.

Hardwood Flooring

This type of flooring provides a mixture of beauty and durability in one excellent tile. Although it’s surface might darken through the passage of time, hardwood flooring is still considered as a long-lasting product that is resistant again dirt and stains.

Bamboo Flooring

The call for environment-friendly products has become an international demand. Thus, the emergence of  bamboo flooring as a greener solution to our environmental problems has been a popular topic. It’s used extensively because of its various colors coupled with durability and elegance. However, the downside of this floor type is it darkens because of  exposure and the passage of time.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic is the best flooring tile you can choose when your preference is for waterproof floors. This type of tile is best installed as floor tiles and as countertops because ceramic is great at hiding scratches. There has recently been a degradation in the quality of the ceramics which has become more prevalent, so you should meticulously choose a trusted ceramic tile brand.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring is a cheap type of floor tile which can also be easily maintained. This has been a popular choice in the tile industry primarily because it is easier to install and maintain compared to other traditional floor tiles. It also has a strong and durable surface resistant to burns,and chipping. Despite this, however, laminate flooring has drawbacks: (1)It could not be refinished; and (2)it can be scratched easily.

Marble Flooring

If you are looking for durability, versatility and style, marble tiles are the perfect floor tile for you. These tiles work  best on floors, walls and hallway columns. Because marble can be easily cleaned and maintained, it has also become a convenient choice of a lot of buyers. You can  choose from a variety of stylish textures and designs, whatever may suit your taste. Marble tiles also speak of elegance and sophistication.