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Slate Tiles – Great Value for Price!

Slate TilesThe flooring professionals describe slates as stones with a riven texture, where the stone splits due to a natural cleavage. In geography, slate is classified as a metamorphic rock. There was a great boom in the usage of slate in Europe, especially from the 1870s until the first world war ended in 1918. The steam engine was used to produce slate tiles which led to many improvements in the road and water transportation systems. The rugged nature of the slate tile can be traced back to its harsh and robust process of formation that requires extreme heat and pressure of the earth – features that are easily recognizable in the slate tile. The subtle textures and colors for which this harshly elegant stone is well-known make slate tiles the perfect choice.

The slate tiles are popularly noted for offering durability (it can last up to several hundred years – often with very little maintenance), practicality and safety, permanence, versatility for indoor and outdoor use and an attractive color spectrum that will add a stunning feature to any home. They are of exceptional quality, with stringent specifications and designed such that they are easily installed.

Slate tiles are trusted to be used in flooring, wall tiles and as roofing materials too. These tiles have a tremendously low water absorption index. Due to this feature, slate tile is very resistant to freeze and thaw damage. Moreover, natural slate is also said to be fire resistant and energy efficient. Hence, with slate, you will always have a solid footing! And if used well, they can revamp your kitchens, verandas, poolside back drop and wall cladding.

Besides being durable and aesthetic, they are easy to work with for tile installers. It is important to keep the process of installation as simple as possible as the material, by and large, remains similar to its natural form. More importantly, slate tile is the only building material that gets better overtime and its natural changing process adds more definition to its design, while gaining more shine and luster with age.

Slate tiles are available in many designs and are suitable for traditional as well as modern, cutting-edge ambiance. It is preferred by a country cottage and an urban townhouse alike. It is commonly used in dining rooms, hallways, bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas, kitchens, patios and conservatories. It is ideal in a setting with other natural materials, including wood and gels perfectly with under floor heating.

It is a lot more worth investing in a slate floor, as they stand the test of time as compared to carpet or laminate. Many estate agents are of the opinion that investing in this luxurious yet affordable material will reflect in the price of your property. Slate is less costly. The initial cost of the slate might be high as compared to other alternatives available but in the long-term it is highly cost effective owing to its longevity. Once laid out, it will be there forever and ever to be enjoyed endlessly.